What care to expect after you have given birth.

Postnatal Stay

Most women who give birth at Auckland City Hospital will transfer to Birthcare about three to four hours after their baby is born and then stay at Birthcare for two to three days. This is an important time to learn how to look after your baby with help and advice readily available. The AOC doctor who looked after you in labour will visit you at Birthcare.

If there are any concerns about you or your baby you will stay at Auckland City Hospital although you can often transfer to Birthcare the next day. If your baby is born by caesarean section then you will spend your first night at Auckland City Hospital but can usually transfer to Birthcare at 24 to 48 hours if you wish. Hospital accommodation is a mixture of single and double rooms. You will usually get a single room at Auckland City Hospital for most or all of your post-natal stay but may sometimes need to share if the hospital is very busy. At Birthcare there are fully subsidised shared rooms and single private rooms for which there is a charge.

Some women go straight home from the labour and birthing suite, especially if it is not their first baby. This works well if you have a lot of support at home but most women are very appreciative of the rest and advice they receive during a postnatal stay at Birthcare or Auckland City Hospital.

Postnatal Midwifery Care

Towards the end of your pregnancy you will need to arrange for one of our postnatal midwives to visit you regularly at home in the first four weeks after your baby is born. Your baby’s feeding and growth can be checked and any worries you might have about your baby, or yourself can be discussed. Your postnatal midwife will advise you on how to get in contact with Plunket locally. We are also available for advice. Do phone us if you have any concerns or are feeling unwell.

The Six Week Postnatal Check

We will see you and baby at about six weeks for a check-up. This is to make sure all is well with both you and baby. We can also answer any questions you have about your birth or future pregnancies. We can advise you about contraception and take a cervical smear if it is due. Your GP will also see baby at about this time for baby’s immunisations.