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Recommended Reading

There are many dozens of pregnancy guides available covering everything from multiple births to handbooks for new grandparents. Some of the more useful and better written ones are shown below. We have copies of all these books for you to look at in our waiting area library.

We also have a large number of Baby Name books that always seem to be most popular books in our library.


The New Zealand Pregnancy Book
Sue Pullon
Published by Bridget Williams Books Ltd. 2008

A pregnancy guide written specifically for New Zealand women. Clear, detailed and well written. We were delighted to be involved with the production of the latest edition. If we haven’t given you a free copy at your first visit please ask at reception for one.

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The New Pregnancy and Childbirth
Sheila Kitzinger
Published by Dorling Kindersley. 2011

Something of a British institution but also available in an Australian edition. Detailed with good chapters on preparing for labour and pain relief in labour. The author has also put her name to an expanding range of baby care guides such as “Understanding Your Baby Crying”.

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The Day-By-Day Pregnancy Book
Dr Maggie Blott
Published by Dorling Kindersley. 2010

Running to 500 pages this is a very comprehensive British book with numerous detailed photographs. It includes a day by day account of baby’s progress and development with many 3D scan pictures.

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Expecting a Baby? (One Born Every Minute)
Dr Penelope Law
Published by Quadrille. 2014

A spin off from the very popular British TV series and the first in a series of books related to the series. A well written and up to date guide with plenty of information.

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Bumpology: the myth-busting book for parents to be
Dr Linda Geddes
Published by Bantam. 2014

Written by a journalist writing for New Scientist magazine. The author has tried to critically examine the evidence behind medical advice given during pregnancy.

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Your Pregnancy Week by Week
Prof. Lesley Regan
Published by Dorling Kindersley. 2013

A very detailed and favourably reviewed British guide from the Professor of Obstetrics at a London teaching hospital.

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What to Expect When You're Expecting
Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi Murkoff & Sandee Hathaway
Published by Simon Shuste. 2017

Described by USA Today as “one of the 25 most influential books of the last 25 years”. Uses a question and answer approach and most of the questions you are likely to ask are covered. Has also expanded into a range of baby care books such as “What to Expect in the First Year”, “What to expect when you’re Breastfeeding”, and “What to Expect in the Toddler Years”.

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Up the Duff
Kaz Cooke
Published by Viking Penguin. 2009

Irreverent Australian guide to pregnancy. A “Tell it like it is” approach with plenty of useful information beneath the humour. Described as “everything you need to know about the scary parts, the funny parts and your private parts”.

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Conception, Pregnancy & Birth
Miriam Stoppard
Published by Dorling Kindersley. 2008

Another book from Dorling Kindersley with lots of photographs and short explanations of most aspects of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. The original book has now expanded to a whole series by the same author ranging from “First Time Parents”, “The Grandparents’ Book”, “Baby’s First Skills”, “The New Baby Guide: The First Three Years” and “Baby First Aid”.

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Pocket Commando Dad: Advice for New Recruits to Fatherhood: From Birth to 12 months
Neil Sinclair
Published by Vie. 2014

Written by an “ex-commando”, this is the middle book in a trilogy that covers fatherhood from conception as a “raw recruit” to managing three year olds as an “elite dad”. Possibly taking the military metaphors a little too far but only one of many dozens of recent books and manuals in the burgeoning ”alpha-dad” genre.

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Expecting Twins? (One Born Every Minute)
Prof. Mark Kilby and Jane Denton
Published by Quadrille. 2013

Another spin off from the British TV series. A very comprehensive guide to multiple pregnancy and looking after twins. Written by a professor of fetal medicine and the chairperson of the Multiple Birth Foundation.

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The Blokes Guide to Pregnancy
Jon Smith
Published by Hay House Inc. 2008

An irreverent but informative guide in the same vein as Up the Duff but to sit on a guy’s side of the bed.

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Your New Pregnancy Bible
Anne Deans
Published by Octopus Publishing. 2015

No attempt at modesty in the title but with 400 plus pages it does exactly what it says on the cover.

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The number of pregnancy and baby care guides available seems to expand monthly, with new books every month on baby care, breast feeding and parenting. Auckland’s bookstores usually have only a very limited selection but you can order all of these books from or other on-line retailers. We have copies of all these books for you to look at. Do let us know about any books that you have found helpful so we can buy them for our library.